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Deacon Ministry

Deacon Ministry

Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business, Acts 6:3

The Holden Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Deacons, a ministry of special Christian service, ministers unto the spiritual and the temporal needs of both the congregation and throughout the community.

The mission of the Holden Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Deacon's Family Ministry Plan is to serve by conducting the caring ministry of the church, distributing the benevolence work of the poor, visiting the sick and building a continual relationship with the parishioners of the church by informing them of church programs that addresses their family crisis.

As an extension of the Pastor, they also encourage the membership to become fully engaged into the various ministries of the church. In addition, the Deacon Ministry assist new families with becoming comfortable within the church body, and in partnership with the Pastor they are alert to meeting the needs of the congregation.

Deacon's Family Ministry Team Plan

In additon, one of the great part of the Deacon's ministry is the emphasis on the care of the congregational, under the Deacon's Family Ministry Team. Each year, active deacons will be assigned a specific number of families (or members) in the church to be his field of ministry. The purpose of aspect of ministry is to create a better atmosphere of fellowship and strong lasting relationships to promote unity within the body of Christ. The objective of the Family Ministry team Periodic visits in the home on a regular basis. In this manner, the Deacons are given the opportunity to minister by praying, calling or contacting (via telephone) his assigned families with special emphasis during crises. This enables them to keep the Pastor abreast when there is a specific need for him to call on a family, especially during illness, death, special event or unexpected crisis.

  Holden Chapel Deacons

Hall Sr., Chairman

Dea. Jerry Hall Sr.

Dea. Hall Sr.
Williams, Co-Chariman

Dea. Frankie Williams

Dea. Williams

Dea. Levon Jackson

Dea. Jackson


Dea. Donald Moore

Dea. Moore


Dea. Paul Jeter

Dea. Jeter


Dea. Robert Moore

Dea. Moore


Dea. Ervin Rookard

Dea. Rookard


Dea. Johnny Sawyer

Dea. Sawyer


Dea. Alton Dodd

Dea. Dodd